March 5, 2019

Port Control

Personalized accompaniment within the port through all stages of the process*.

Thanks to our strategic alliances with the best port operators, we provide personalized accompaniment within the port through all stages of the process.


  • Installation of our SATLOCK electronic seal inside the port (SPRBUN and TCBUEN)
  • Records, photographs and documents of the goods, seals, seals, labels and the external state of the container, on arrival, departure and during transit through the port.
  • Verification, Control and Registration of the different entities and/or persons that physically interact with the cargo within the port processes (Carrier, Port Operator, Customs Agency, Authorities, etc.).
  • Generation of alarms in real time in the event of unauthorized events such as:
  • Start of movement and opening of container doors.
  • Output of virtual perimeters (Geocercas): Storage yards, parking lots, warehouses, etc.
  • Groups of permanent staff at each strategic site in three shifts.
  • Online communications via Cellular, Avantel, and Internet. (Photos)
  • Certified and Documented Processes.
  • Personal contact information and service 24 hours 365 days a year.
  • Online information about the actual status of the process.
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