March 4, 2019

Our certifications

Actualmente Satlock S.A.S cuenta con estándares internacionales BASC Versión 5-2017, alineado coh requerimientos mínimos de Seguridad C-TPAT, bajo el estandar No. 5.0.2.
Alcance: Servicios de localización, rastreo y video vigilancia de unidades móviles de todo tipo con aplicaciones de loglstica y seguridad; trazabilidad y monitoreo de mercadería en tránsito desde punto de origen hasta el punto de destino final, todo mediante la utilización de equipos especializados de posicionamiento satelital (GPS)y desarrollos informáticos especializados para ser aplicados a importaciones, exportagiones, traslados internos de carga, instalaciones y mantenimiento de equipos de seguridad electrónica.

Satlock S.A.S is registered with the providers of telecommunications networks and services and with the minimum permits necessary to launch and distribute products or services that use telecommunications networks, whether or not they are supplied to the public.  

Satlock S.A.S is a member of the Colombian federation of Companies of localization monitoring and information technologies, which has as main objective to group companies to formalize and organize the telematic and value-added services sector; establish unanimous representation, agreements, legal and research links that guarantee benefits for themselves, for their employees, customers, suppliers and users.

  • The ISO 28000 certified company will provide its customers with a security environment in their logistics operations, standing out as a safe and high-level provider.
  • It facilitates compliance with the legal and other requirements demanded by the main foreign trade initiatives in the world such as: OAS, CTPAT, PBIP, etc.
  • It guarantees an adequate risk management adapted to the needs of each organization, focused on preventing, mitigating the impact of incidents on the security of the supply chain, such as: smuggling, drug trafficking, terrorism, arms trafficking, among others.

  • Identify the best suppliers and develop stable relationships with them.
  • To minimize the costs of controlling the products and services received, avoiding the operational wear and tear of evaluating each supplier, Coface qualifies its suppliers at no cost.
  • Have updated information that reflects the strengths and weaknesses of each provider
  • Avoid the risks associated with the choice and re-evaluation of the suppliers guaranteeing the objectivity, transparency and confidentiality of the information.
  • Access to Sicanet: an online tool that allows you to choose from a wide database the provider that best suits your needs.
  •  Flexibility with reports adaptable to the size of the supplier and to the criteria pre-established by the purchasing area.

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