March 4, 2019

OLIS: Information and security logistics operator

Integral management of the information, through the traceability, visibility and real-time control of the operation of physical distribution of merchandise at national and international level.


  • Control of the operation of physical distribution of goods.
  • Real time information of the location and news of your cargo.
  • Risk and security management along your supply chain.
  • Optimization of your logistic and security costs.
  • Supplier management.
  • Continuous measurement of your supply chain management.
  • Improvement of relationships and service to their customers, by having timely information on the status of their deliveries.


  • Special Monitoring: Customized report with transmission rate from 5 minutes, with opening report.
  • News report: SOP implementation.
  • Security protocol: As defined with the client in the SOP.
  • Accompaniment on route.
  • Customs monitoring: Automatic report with transmission rate as required by customs statute, with opening report.
  • Reports, customs news: According to customs statute requirement.
  • Custom information protocol: According to customs statute requirement.
  • Accompaniment in the inspections carried out by authorities in the port: CUSTOMS, POLFA, ANTINARCOTICOS, PRE PARE.
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