March 4, 2019

1. USAT-I Containers tracker

Control d2d international ( door to door ) ,USAT-I Tracking GPS.

USAT-I, the most sophisticated security seal for remote container tracking using GPS tracking. Effective for the management and security of your mobile assets.

  • Robust, high quality design with continuous performance.
  • Easy to use system where you can define the time of alerts, events and reports.
  • Detection of light when container doors are opened.
  • Built-in accelerometer with accident detector and violent braking.
  • Transmission of location and events in real time through the GPRS network.
  • Option of periodic transmissions from the unit to track gps.
  • Ideal for tracking your container globally.

It's the electronic control of cargo for the operation of international multimodal distribution of goods in DRYVAN marine containers.


  • International control of the operation of physical distribution of goods at a Global level -Latest generation sensors for the detection of opening of container doors, movement or manipulation of the seal.
  • Self-management by the client (Installation of the seal, management of alerts, generation of historical reports).


  • Self-management through our mobile APP, to request new services and schedule trips, track the location of the cargo, as well as have the ability to manage security alert notifications and have access to historical reports.
  • Automatic notification system that arrives directly to your Smartphone and/or to our IoT platform, alerting about previously configured events and news such as authorized or unauthorized container openings, arrivals and departures reports.

For more information on the satellite tracking unit (USAT-I international seal), please click on the following link USAT-I.

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