March 4, 2019


Benefits in reliable and timely information.

  • Accessible: It is possible to access it when the client requires it, just by accessing the Internet.
  • Complete: Provides all the necessary information.
  • Precise, objective, reliable: All events are automatically recorded.
  • Verifiable: Perfect traceability of the logistic process from point A to point B, devices that do this (Usat-i, Usat-C, Usat-M and Usat-v).
  • Timely: In real time, the time needed to make effective decisions.


  • Visibility of the load from the installation of the seal in the point A until the uninstallation of the same one in the point B.
  • Automatic registration and real-time reporting of events that jeopardize the safety of your goods in transit.
    • Unauthorized stops
    • Openings
    • Unauthorised movements
    • Uninstallation of doors.
    • Detours of routes.
    • Transmission loss.
  • Decrease in the risk of accidents and contamination.


  • Decrease in insurance policies, premiums and deductibles, additionally acting as a guarantee against the insurance company instead of the use of escorts.
  • Minister the need for escorts and their associated costs.
  • Reduction in the need for inspections by the Anti-Narcotics Police.
  • Integration and streamlining of the logistics chain through information.
  • Improves customer internal logistics and productivity in transportation, warehousing, and inspection processes by providing real-time visualization, positioning, and control of all operations.
  • Access to local and international benefits for those who take part in programs such as BASC, CTPAT, OAS.
  • Reduction in the risk of accidents and contamination by narcotics
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