March 4, 2019


Our innovative portfolio of services allows our customers to have full traceability, real-time control and maximum security in the port operation, as well as in the transport of cargo, increasing efficiency throughout the supply chain, decreasing the rates of accidents and pollution.

1. Cargo control

  • It is the electronic control of the load for the operation of terrestrial distribution of goods. Our preferential service makes us the 4PL of information and security for the Supply Chain of our Clients.

2. D2D Service

  • It is the electronic cargo control for the operation of international multimodal distribution of goods in DRYVAN maritime containers.

3. Customs control.

  • Compliance with regulations regarding the electronic control of customs transits governed under the law of the Customs of each country.

4. Control of deliveries.

  • APP Control of deliveries to end customers for companies with multi-delivery distribution systems, configurable in terms of novelties and returns

5. Port control inspections.

  • App to control the operations of Port Control of cargo and inspection of containers.


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