March 4, 2019

Your company needs satlock

  1. Your company needs Satlock when it needs information about your goods in transit, do you have to go to several sources?
  2. The sources that give you information about your goods in transit are usually the service providers, whom you should control.
  3. Doesn't the information you get from these sources match reality, or even each other?
  4. Do you often feel uneasy about the possibility that your order may not arrive on time
  5. Have you had problems on your production line due to non-delivery of your raw materia
  6. Do you feel that apart from paying for the operation to take place, you also have to ensure that the other actors in the chain comply?
  7. Have you stopped making vital decisions due to lack of timely information?
  8. Have you had to pay overcharges for delays or shortages?
  9. Have you lost market share because your product was not at the point of sale?
  10. Do you have to devote a good part of your time to logistical activities that do not correspond to you?
  11. Has your cargo been stolen?
  12. Has your cargo been contaminated with narcotics?
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